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A Smarter Way to Auto Repair.

  • Pitstop Club

    For the daily driver.
    • 75% Cash Back Credited Towards Future Repairs
    • Free Oil Change Every 6 Months
    • Free Tire Rotation and Alignment Every 6 Months
    • Free Air Filter Replacement Every 6 Months
    • Free Multipoint Inspection Every 6 Months
  • Is this an insurance policy?
    No. Subscriptions work as an added layer of protection, supplementing your current auto insurance policy. Our services in no way impact your current policy.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    Absolutely. There are no cancellation fees or contracts with our subscriptions.
  • How does the cash back work?
    Think of this as a savings account to use for a rainy day, except with benefits! After enjoying the perks of the Pitstop Club for 10 months, the balance you paid in is $490 ($49 x 10). Unfortunately you were in an accident and your insurance policy is asking you for a $1000 deductible to repair your car. How are you going to suddenly pay $1000 to fix your vehicle? That's where your Cash Back rewards kick in. 75% of $490 is $368. Now your deductible is only $632 ($1000 - $368) and you can still enjoy all the benefits of your membership with us with no raise in pricing at all!
  • How much money will I save each year?
    Heaps! The minimum you will save annually on oil changes and tire alignment and rotations alone would be around $240. Factor in those savings with our cash back benefits and you're looking at a significant savings.
  • Can one subscription be used for multiple vehicles?
    Sure! However, the number of benefits you can redeem annually does not change. We recommend separate subscriptions for each vehicle you own to ensure the best care and to prolong the life of your vehicle(s).
  • Are your services available nationwide?
    Unfortunately at this time, our services are only available in the Los Angeles area.
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